Property Management

The Fairwind Management Philosophy: “An Owner’s Approach”

What Fairwind Properties brings to property management is an “Owner’s Approach” to the day-to-day operation of your investments. Our unwavering goals are simple::

  • 100% Occupancy!
  • Control operating expenses without compromising a project’s image or functionality.
  • Provide clear, accurate, and meaningful financial reports

GOAL #1- 100% Occupancy

The path to achieving 100% occupancy has two components; retaining existing tenants and aggressively recruiting new tenants.

Retain Current Tenants

To successfully retain existing tenants in today’s business climate, management must adapt the philosophy that tenants are our “Customers”. That means the management team must to take the following steps:

  • Communicate with tenants to ensure their needs are met and the property provides an atmosphere that enhances their business. This can only be accomplished by being on site on a regular basis and visiting with each tenant so they know their Landlord is involved and accessible.
  • Understand your tenants’ business so we know their current financial state, future plans, and their viability in the property going forward.
  • View the physical plant as a component of a tenant’s success. Our management team understands that your asset needs to be properly maintained on a day-to-day basis.

The above emphasis on tenant involvement has been a key to Fairwind Properties’ success in tenant retention. Studies of tenant turnover show that the #1 reason for tenants leaving a project is dissatisfaction with the property. Most often this occurs because the Landlord has ignored or failed to act on a specific tenant issue. By being involved with your tenants, those issues will be recognized and solved before they become a reason to relocate.

Recruit New Tenants

Successfully recruiting new Tenants requires understanding a property’s place in the marketplace, tracking competing properties and targeting tenants who will succeed in your property. Fairwind Properties has the track record and skills to create a marketing plan and then manage the brokerage team to recruit and sign quality tenants. Tenant recruitment is the lifeblood of a successful commercial property. Successful tenant recruiting requires leadership and perseverance. As your property manager Fairwind Properties will carry out that mission until its completion.

GOAL #2- Control Expenses without Sacrificing Image

Because Fairwind Properties manages with “An Owner’s Approach”, we are constantly reviewing maintenance vendors and services to verify that your property is getting the best service at the most economical price.

Our regular visits to each property and full inspection schedule ensure that your property always presents a quality image and is functioning properly for your tenants and their customers. A key to lower operating costs is keeping maintenance standards high and anticipating future property maintenance issues.

GOAL #3- Clear Meaningful Financial Reports

We will produce a full suite of financial reports that will give you an accurate picture of your property’s current financial performance and budgets for future earnings. These reports can be customized to fit your needs and in a form meaningful to you. As building owners ourselves, we know how important good reports are. Instead of giving you standard reports from a generic program, we will construct reports to tell you what you need to know about your property.

Managing your asset as an extension of your ownership is the standard at Fairwind Properties. Your success becomes our success.